Ruth Reichl Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Created by The Truffleist

There are few personalities in the food industry we follow more closely than Ruth Reichl. A chef, author, and food critic, Reichl is known for pithy descriptions and became well-known as a critic at New York Times, a time in her career when she would wear disguises to restaurants to stay undercover. Her bold personality comes through in everything she does. So when we discovered The Truffelist Flagship Truffle Butter made it into Reichl's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, we couldn't have been more pleased. 

Read why the first time she tried our butter (the most concentrated truffle butter on the market), she recalled an evening spent in the kitchen with Alain Ducass, James Beard Award winner and operator of his triple Michelin star restaurant located at The Dorchester.  Read more on her website, because frankly it just sounds so much better when it's comes from her. 

If you're inspired to know Reichl better, follow her on Twitter, where she paints descriptions of life and food in perfect harmony. Or read one of her many books. Our favorites include Garlic and Sapphires where she writes about her time at the Times and her latest, a memoir titled Save Me the Plums.

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