black truffles

Brooklyn Spice Co/Greenpoint Trading

About this Collaboration

The idea was brought about in 2019 during a chat about food trends with Truffleist’s then recipe developer/content creator and Jimmy’s longtime friend, Chef Casey Corn - now a Magnolia Network star and host of “Recipe Lost & Found”. Casey, inspired by the innovative uses and cool packaging of spice blends, suggested pairing our truffles with everything bagel seasoning. As always with our collaborative projects, we seek local, independent partners, so naturally Jimmy reached out to the Brooklyn Spice Company team and their retail sister, Greenpoint Trading Company. It was a few years from concept to R&D to delivery - world events have a way of delaying plans - but we never gave up on Casey’s initial lightbulb moment. The product came to market in November 2022, introduced at our Holiday Markets in NYC, and was a top selling gift item out of the gate. Only a few months in, the Truffle Everything Seasoning is distributed to specialty shops across the country, and is of course available on the shelves at Greenpoint Trading Co.
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