black truffles

Nettle Meadow Farms

About this Collaboration

Truffleist founder, Jimmy Kunz, was always a fan of the cheeses his Hudson Valley neighbor created on their dairy farm and animal sanctuary. He began selling truffle products to the Nettle Meadow for a while before introducing them to Truffleist Truffle Sauce as a potential option for creating a rich, truffle forward version of Nettle Meadow’s Kunik - a triple cream, combo goat and cow’s milk, and fan favorite. The addition of the Truffle Sauce was a game-changer - the melange of fresh black truffles and meadow mushrooms brought an earthy counterpoint to the luxe, creamy Kunik. Truffleist x Nettle Meadow Farms Truffle Kunik hit the ground running and is now available nationwide at gourmet groceries, gourmet markets, and wine & cheese shops. A popular cheeseboard mainstay, the cheese was awarded Best of Class at The 2022 World Cheese Championships.
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