black truffles

Schaller Weber

About this Collaboration

A native of Switzerland transplanted to NYC, Nicole longed for the European-style products from her own childhood, and took Jimmy along when she ventured uptown to fill the cart with the incredible smoked meats and sausages at the iconic, century-old New York City butcher shop, Schaller & Weber. Better than a trip to Disneyland! Years later, Jimmy met cousins and S&W’s new generation owners, Jeremy Schaller and Jesse Denes. The trio hit it off immediately and Jimmy shared his memories of the shop while also pitching them on creating a Truffle Bratwurst. A partnership was born. Today this collab includes a Mousse de Foie Gras with Truffles, as well as the Truffleist Truffle Bratwurst, which are each distributed nationally through various channels managed by both partners. Friendship, like-minded approach, and goals that include innovation and pushing boundaries define this exemplary collaborative relationship. Look ahead - new concepts and fun projects on the horizon.
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