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Founder, Jimmy Kunz, has always had his finger on the pulse, introducing his small-batch, handcrafted truffle products in a time where the category was still niche enough to require explanation to a larger market. Then that all changed in what seemed like an instant - new products, concepts, and fun flavor combinations busted open the truffle category and condiment business overall. Jimmy was more than ready to go bold with flavor pairings, so he approached Smorgasburg pal, Dan Frieber, of Tango, who happened to be producing his line of hot sauces out of the adjacent kitchen in Long Island City. It made perfect sense - two local entrepreneurs in massively trending categories - who better to create a truly innovative and delicious Truffle Hot Sauce? Today Truffleist Truffle Hot Sauce is a unique combination of carrots, vinegar, lime and peppers, with a pronounced back-note of earthy truffles. It is an award-winning, number one fan favorite and retail bestseller. Available nationally for purchase and is growing in popularity as an ingredient and condiment for fast-casual food service customers.
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