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About this Collaboration

Friends since their school days, both Jimmy Kunz and Jamie Kim gravitated towards the food business early - Jimmy selling artisanal charcuterie, and Jamie in high-end dining. Eventually the two natural entrepreneurs each founded innovative, fast growing packaged goods companies - Jimmy with The Truffleist’s chic, craveable truffle products and Jamie with Jamie’s Farm’s imaginative, modern flavor combinations served up in her addictive granolas. Both lead their brands with strong commitment to honest, quality ingredients, local sourcing, and partnerships with like-minded independent producers. So when Jamie began developing concepts for a unique, new savory-sweet flavor profile, along came The Truffleist, her longtime friend. Together they combined the beautiful earthiness of truffles, with the honeyed, aromatic crunch of granola to create the perfect bite. Jamie’s Farm x Truffleist Black Truffle Granola was launched in 2021, is a lauded darling on the specialty food scene, and embodies the friendship that birthed it - fun, comforting, and here to stay. Available nationally at Whole Foods and on the shelves in countless farm markets, independent shops, and gourmet grocers.
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