Truffle Bratwurst And Beef Chili With Truffled Sour Cream

1 ea - yellow onion

4 ea - garlic cloves

2 ea - The Truffleist truffle bratwurst

1 Tbs - extra virgin olive oil

1 lb - ground beef

2 Tbs - chili powder

1 Tbs - kosher salt

1 Tbs - ground cumin

1 Tbs - paprika

1 tsp - garlic powder

½ tsp - cayenne

½ tsp - cinnamon

2 Tbs - tomato paste

1 12 oz. - can beer 

1 28 oz. - can diced or crushed tomatoes

1 14 oz. - can chickpeas

1 14 oz. - can black beans

1 14 oz. - can kidney beans

Dice the onion, and finely mince or microplane the garlic. Set aside. 

Slice the bratwurst in half lengthwise, then peel the casing off. Dice into small, ¼ inch pieces. 

Place a large pot or dutch oven over medium heat, and add in the olive oil. Sauté the diced bratwurst until golden, then use a slotted spoon to remove it from the fat into a bowl. 

Without wiping out the pot, brown the beef in batches, again using a slotted spoon to remove the beef as it cooks. The beef can be added to the same bowl as the bratwurst, keeping it covered with foil.

Once the beef has finished, lower the heat a bit and add in the onions to saute. Stir to coat in the fat left in the pan. Let the onions soften, not fry, for about 3-5 minutes, then add in the garlic and stir to combine, sautéing until fragrant, about 2 more minutes.

Keeping the heat fairly low, add in all spices, stirring well, and allow the spices to bloom and become fragrant, another minute or two, without burning. Lower the temp a bit if you need to.

Stir in the tomato paste, and let it cook out for about 5 minutes, until the color has deepened, then deglaze the pot with the beer, scraping up any bits stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Bring up to a simmer, and let the beer reduce by half. Add the meat back in to the pot, along with the tomatoes and all the beans, and stir well to distribute the flavors.


Truffle Sour Cream

½ c sour cream

tt The Truffleist truffle sauce

Stir truffle sauce into sour cream to taste, and serve with chili.

chilli recipe, beef chili recipe

truffleist items used

Schaller & Weber Truffle Brats
Truffle Sauce
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