Smoked Trout Toasts with Fresh Radish

Our favorite spring snack of the moment is a must at cocktail hour or for brunch - Truffle Butter-Smoked Trout Toasts with Fresh Radish, which pairs quite beautifully with a nice Sauvignon Blanc and a spring breeze.



2 slices rustic bread
Truffle Butter By The Truffleist
8 oz smoked trout filet, crumbled
Fresh radish and radish leaves (we like French Breakfast or Rainbow)
Fresh dill
Sea Salt



Rinse and dry radishes
Remove radish leaves and set aside
Thinly slice radish
Pull small sprigs of dill and set aside
Toast the bread to your liking and butter from end to end with Truffle Butter By The Truffleist
Evenly divide crumbled smoked trout and layer on top of each slice of buttered bread
Scatter radish over trout
Tear radish leaves and add to toasts
Scatter dill sprigs
Lightly sprinkle each toast with sea salt flakes



truffleist items used

Truffle Butter
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