Truffled Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich


2 slices Bacon (we use Schaller & Weber Double Smoked Bacon)

2 eggs

2 slices White Cheddar Cheese (or your favorite)

1 bread roll

Truffleist Truffle Hot Sauce to serve


Cook your bacon on a medium heat until the fat has been rendered down & you’re left with nicely caramelised bacon slices. Take your bacon out of the pan.

Cut your bread roll into 2 slices & toast them until golden brown in the pan with that lovely bacon grease. Take your bread out of the pan.

Drizzle a dash of oil in the pan & crack 2 eggs in. Cook one side for 1 min. Put cheese over the top to melt. Cook for another 1 min & take it off the heat.

Assemble the sandwich by squeezing Truffle Hot Sauce on one slice of bread. Layer with your egg, cheese, bacon & other slice of bread.

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truffleist items used

Truffleist Hot Sauce
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