Our Story

The Truffleist produces handcrafted, small-batch truffle products at our headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. We aim to offer our customers the highest quality in all our products so you can create delicious, unique dishes with truffle ingredients you know, and some you’ve never tried before. While our truffles are imported from countries like Italy, France and Spain, many of our base ingredients are locally sourced from small producers. Supporting New York food companies keeps our environmental footprint low and our quality high, all while encouraging small business growth and local entrepreneurship.




Jimmy Kunz - The Truffleist

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Jimmy Kunz was making truffle butter as a holiday gift for friends and family before he was inspired to officially become The Truffleist. Since launching the company with that flagship truffle butter in 2013, The Truffleist has expanded to offer six distinct truffle products, in addition to a wildly successful seasonal market pop-up: Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist.

“Cooking and eating have always been my greatest passions,” Kunz says. Jimmy grew up around food, thanks to his New York City upbringing as much as to his acclaimed and award-winning chef father: Gray Kunz. While being exposed to flavor, taste, and all things delicious at home, Jimmy added a layer of multicultural inspiration to his food education while attending the United Nations International School throughout his young life. Following his schooling, Jimmy immersed himself in the world of cooking, from chef gigs in restaurant kitchens to managing a small organic vegetable farm in upstate New York.


As a self-proclaimed Salami Salesman for Charlito’s Cocina, Jimmy learned the ins and outs of distribution and sales, demoing products, and managing outdoor holiday and farmer’s market stalls. This in-depth, on-the-ground business experience laid the foundation for Jimmy to eventually unleash his entrepreneurial side and find his home in food with The Truffleist.


“Mushrooms are delicious and mysterious,” says Kunz. “As the only mushroom that grows underground, the science behind truffles is fascinating.” The Truffleist highlights those unique flavors and qualities, without the elitism that typically accompanies fine truffle products. You can find The Truffleist at Whole Foods, pop-up markets, and specialty food stores all over New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Some of New York’s most acclaimed new restaurants use The Truffleist products in their kitchens, including Five Leaves, Milkflower, and Home Frite.